Expand Your Writing & Improve Your PhD Thesis Paper

Whether you are writing a book or completing your thesis, diversity and the need to expand your content is always prevalent. After all, we all strive to grow in our individual strengths. Writing can be diversified by simply changing your patterns of thought. Experiences, observations and opinions are a never-ending source of inspiration. Keep these habits in mind and you will steadily expand your creative ability whilst enriching written content of all forms. Thesis writing can always benefit from rich, diverse personal resources. Use the following tips


If you are looking to expand upon your thesis or any other assignment then be sure to speak to others about key points of your view. Voicing your perspective and gathering the thoughts of others is more a process of self reflection, than a means to find out what they think. While communicating do your best to never begin a debate, but rather just filter what is being said. Confrontation can cause a block in your writing ability, and this is not your goal. Always aim to target your questions or statements in such a way that they are objective overviews, rather than emotion driven conclusions. By gathering a wealth of information from others, your writing will diversify.

Life Experience

The adage “Always write what you know” pertains across all forms of writing and academics. Your own life experiences should always be related to the subject at hand. Similarities and associations between your own views gained through experience will help you to tie your paper together in such a way that it has meaning. Always try to perceive yourself in a similar experience, relating to something that you have encountered. Through visualizing yourself in a matching emotional state, you will be able to form ideas that enrich your writing. The life experience of others provides an endless resource of comparison. Always take the time to observe the life of another, closely connected to the field of study. Their insight combined with your overview will always ensure fresh perspective from your thesis. Do not simply read what they have concluded, but put yourself in their shoes.

Opposing Views and Debates

Opposing views, conflicting opinions and controversial data can be a source of inspiration. To repel confrontation, rather check any point that does not match your concept in solitude. By analyzing perspectives that are not in accordance with your own thoughts and motivations you have a huge resource to draw inspiration from. It is often best to stay neutral and objective when observing data that you do not agree with. Do not view the info as a means to disprove or disagree with you, but rather use the angle of approach as a means to diversify and strengthen your own affirmations, statements and claims.