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Follow-up on an existing tip.

How it Works

Share what you know, not who you are

There is always someone who has information that can help solve crime. These people can call Crime Stoppers anonymously and provide a tip that will help investigators identify those responsible.

In any investigation, police and other law enforcement agencies encounter individuals who will not directly provide information. The three key reasons are:

  • Fear of reprisal
  • An attitude of apathy
  • Reluctance to get involved


We can all make a difference!

Crime Stoppers aims to engage and empower local residents in a safe, effective way by giving them the opportunity to provide information …

  • Without having to speak directly to the police or other law enforcement agencies
  • Without revealing their identity
  • Without having to testify in court
  • With an opportunity to earn a reward if the information they provide leads to an arrest and charges are filed


How the Tip Program Works


Crime Stoppers manages a 24/7 call center that receives tips via phone or text messaging


1When calling or texting a tip, the Tip Provider is given a special “Tip Code” number for the purpose of assuring anonymity (no names are asked, no phone numbers recorded).


2The Tip Provider is then instructed to call back to the call center for status updates to see if their tip has led to an arrest or charges filed.


3If the Tip Provider learns that an arrest has been made and charges have been filed, they will be instructed by the Call Center to go to any local Bay Area Mechanics Bank branch office to claim their reward.


4The Tip Provider will need to provide their Tip Code number to the Mechanics Bank representative, who will confirm the Tip Code status with Bay Area Crime Stoppers right then and there.


5Upon confirmation, the Mechanics Bank representative will issue the cash reward to the Tip Provider, with no questions asked and no name/address information necessary. The Tip Provider remains completely anonymous!




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